Smoothie Time!

Good Morning folks. Breakfast is something we should never miss, but try telling me that when I roll out of bed 20 minutes before work with just enough time to slap on some clothes and make a quick cup of coffee. Am I too lazy to wake up earlier and make breakfast? Would I rather 15 more minutes of sleep? Hells Yes, that’s exactly what happens. My Answer: Smoothies!

Before our wedding last year I figured drinking a smoothie before work would be a great way to jump start my metabolism for the day, fast forward my calorie burning and help me lose weight. I’m not a doctor, the white coat’s not for me, but it’s a fact that eating breakfast regularly helps to lose weight, along with eating right and exercising which I do plenty of. Sounds like it will be easy then, I was ready to shed pounds like a lab sheds on a white couch. PSYCHE! I managed to gain a couple pounds, weak sauce! Luckily it was a month before the wedding so I canceled the smoothie plan and got back into my bad habit of skipping breakfast…I didn’t lose weight, but I also didn’t gain so that was a plus I guess.

Later, tho, I realized my smoothies fatal flaw: too much sugar. I was adding frozen yogurt and a touch of honey to all of my smoothies, on top of all of the fruit and juice. Trust me, I HATE calorie counting, that’s not how we were meant to live, but if you are trying to lose weight you can’t just ignore the little buggers.

As if watching from his Atlanta studio, Alton Brown, host of Good Eats and Iron Chef America, aired a new episode of Good Eats last week all about his own weight loss project, one of his techniques: Smoothies!

What the F—? How’d he manage to do it, I mean a smoothie’s a smoothie, right? Apparently not.

Thus I’m restarting my smoothie plan with Alton Brown’s updated recipe to hopefully help me burn unwanted calories and get some extra vitamins into the ole’ system. It’s simple (just like any good smoothie, the key is moderation):

4 oz Frozen Purple Fruit – I chose blueberries, something I’ve never really liked but am turning around on

1 Banana –  As did AB, I peeled, halved, and froze a whole bunch to pull out like creamy banana ice cubes

4 oz Frozen Other Fruit –  I went with pineapple, but peach would work well too

4 oz Purple Juice –  I chose Pomegranate for the tart kick, anything purple will do

Splash of OJ –  Only because Pomegranate Juice is so expensive and I don’t want to fly thru it too fast

Combine everything in your blender, pouring in the juice first to help the blades mash up the fruit. Start on low speed to chop the fruit into an even consistency, then turn up to high and leave it on for a full minute (it should have this vortex look, like the picture below).

The result, an almost neon-purple concoction full of more antioxidants than Chuck Norris in a Blueberry costume.

Why all of the purple ingredients? It’s due to their high concentration of phytochemicals and antioxidants, the reason for their purplish hue. Why use other fruits when you can get more out of the purple varieties? I also found out, thanks to an AB blog, that this powerful smoothie has less than 300 calories if you omit the soy milk (which I did, see, it’s not in the recipe).

We’ll see how this goes, I’m skeptical of course, but I have faith in my nerdy brethren AB, the man knows his stuff. Aside from all of the health/calorie/diet mumbo jumbo, this smoothie is very good eats, tart, creamy, and subtly sweet with a small tropical note from the pineapple.

If you’re not ready for the smoothie plan, that’s ok, but next time it’s smoothie time give this a try, you won’t be sorry, and thanks to all the healthy ish in it, you won’t feel sorry either.

5 Responses to Smoothie Time!
  1. Meg

    yumm– can you make me one this weekend?! :)

  2. Colin

    Ship one of those bad boys to me for tomorrow morning!

  3. Russell

    Paul, long time no see man. Just wanted to let you know I think your blog is beautiful (and full of well-used homestar-isms)!

  4. Paulie

    Hey Russ, hope you’re doing well dude. Homestar is still a major part of my daily vocab, ha, glad you like the site and keep reading and commenting. Talk to you soon brah.

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