Downtown Raleigh Farmers Market

I didn’t realize the capital building was so….square? And I know there are a lot of white people in Raleigh, but damn! Just kidding, that’s actually a king-kong style view of a downtown model from the Raleigh City Museum. Relevant how? Like so:

Today is the opening of the Downtown Raleigh Farmers Market including tons of local produce, products, bbq, music, and most importantly Vesta! We’ll be on site and selling our super spicy condiment all afternoon while sampling the porky offerings of The Pit, swaying to some local blue grass, and spreading our love of fresh chiles to the Raleigh masses.

If that wasn’t enough, our summer’s chile crops are starting to perk up and it looks like we’ll be up to our eyeballs in exotic chiles come July! Among the mix are wild chiles from Peru, Italy, India, and Africa, on the grow and ready for one fiery season!

Make sure to stop by the new Raleigh Plaza at the South end of Fayetteville Street between 10 and 2 for all that our local producers have to offer. You’ll find me and Hankito setting the mouths of Raleighwood ablaze (with Vesta, ofcourse…) with our new Shaker Jar of Vesta for only $6. To the Market!

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